July 23, 2015

Updates... Where I'm at.

So here's the thing this year I have run:
The Hypothermic Half Marathon - 2:01
The Vancouver Marathon - 3:35 (Half in 1:47)
The Saskatchewan Marathon (Half-Pace Bunny) - 2:29
The Mogathon Half Marathon - 1:49
Mayor's Marathon Day Half Marathon - 1:53
River Run Classic Half Marathon - 1:55

And I am about to say something I did not think I would ever say.

I am feeling burnt out on running.

The Quebec City Marathon is in 5 and a half weeks, and I pretty much have to force myself to go out for every run. Its terrible. Most days, I just don't want to run. And its not even that I can't do the distance, or hit the desired paces, because I can, and have been able to complete every workout. I don't know if its because I didn't take anytime off after the Vancouver Marathon, and jumped straight into another training cycle, or what but I am just plain tired. My race times are just slowly get slower from running a 1:47 in Vancouver to running what was a tough race last week in 1:55.

I just have no drive to go running. I've lost my passion somewhere. I am only getting by on sheer determination not to quit.

I have revamped my whole training plan for the next 5 weeks to allow for less running and more cross training which has helped a bit.

Honestly I am pretty sure this is just a phase, because lets be honest, I love running, after Vancouver I could not wait to run another marathon.

So I am going to buckle down for the next 5 weeks, get all my runs in 3-4x per week (1 easy run, one tempo, one interval, and a long run) + cross training, and then run the Quebec city marathon, for fun, no time goals, no pressure, and then take some time off from distance running. My speed work has been just on point these days though, I feel like the 5km and the 10km distances might become my new love for awhile.

I still have long term goals where running is concerned, but I feel the need coming for some time away, a little off season recovery to reignite my running passion.

June 20, 2015

Quick Update and Two Race-Recaps: 2015 Saskatchewan Marathon & The Mogathon

So I have been severely remiss in keeping this blog in any semblance of updated.

Since Vancouver I have run two half-marathons, I am running another one tomorrow, I have started a new job, I was graded to my blue belt in karate, and most excitingly I am signed up to run the Québec City marathon! I am so excited. Full marathon number four, in province number four!

So following Vancouver I was just taking it easy running when I wanted, keeping in shape, and most importantly having fun! My sister and I ran from Canmore to Banff, it was so gorgeous. I worked on my speed work, and ran with friends a lot!

And then I was a pace bunny at the Saskatchewan Marathon, and it was awesome, and then for my Birthday/Our anniversary we decided to go to Québec City and I signed up for the full, jumped back into marathon training, ran the mogathon half last weekend, and on a whim signed up for another tomorrow.

Okay so in the interest of not being behind three races I am going to quickly recap the two races I have done since Vancouver.

The 2015 Saskatchewan Marathon
This is going to be short and sweet.

So like last year I ran this race as a leader of a Pace Group. This year I led the 2:30 group, and like last year, it was an honour and such a blessing. I was with a lot of first timers, and it is really something else to see people reach their goals, and achieve what they thought was the impossible.

I set my watch to beep if I was going to fast and I kept it nice and even for a 2:28:49 finish.

I just want to say nothing about this race was me. I was just blown away by the women I ran with! Sometimes you forget where you came from, but it is really just a huge honour to be trusted by these women to help them achieve their goals. I am so grateful by their kind words, loved the sweaty hugs, and amazed by their perseverance.

It was amazing. I love pacing.

The 2015 Mogathon
So last weekend I ran the mogathon. It too was amazing!

I gave this race all I had.

I started off real strong and hit the 10km mark in 48:20, a new 10km race Personal Best. I kept the pace going until 13km when a blister I had felt coming on started to get real. It has been almost 8 months since I have gotten a blister, I was so disappointed. I still finished with an amazing for me time of 1:49:20!

I am really proud of myself, and I think I can accomplish some big dreams if I keep this up.

So tomorrow I am running the mayors half-marathon, and we will see what happens next.

And only nine week until Québec City!

May 05, 2015

Vancouver Marathon: Race Recap - Week 16/16

The 2015 Vancouver Marathon

To say that the marathon went well is an understatement. I am now head over heels over the moon in love with the marathon. What once seemed torturous, and scary, now is amazing and exciting, exhilarating and a challenge to be conquered not shied away from, and I can honestly say I can not wait to run another.

Okay, let's get the exciting business out of the way.
HUGE, huge! New marathon PR of 3:53:47.
A new best of 31 minutes. Along the way I also snagged a new half marathon PR of 1:47:36.

My race plan was simple. I had a really great training cycle, I felt strong so my plan was just to run as fast as I could for as long as I could. Which I knew could end up badly and I could crash and burn, but I really, really just wanted to see what I could do.

You could not have asked for better weather, clear blue sky, no clouds, and warm enough for shorts and a tank. It was a but of a walk to get to the start line from the train, but oh so worth it for the lovely point to point course.

I was in the red corral, which was the third one back, and as we were lining up I noticed that the 4:00 bunny was in the corral ahead of me. So I knew that if I wanted this I was on my own.

The gun went off, my corral started about 8 minutes back, so got off to a quick start. I easily fell into a 5:00/km pace. There was a lot of downhill, and running at sea level is glorious. The first 9km clicked by so fast. 5:03, 5:04, 5:12, 5:03, 4:58, 4:56, 4:42, 4:59, 5:14.

At 9km you hit the Camosun hill that is 1km long. Coming from the land of no hills, it was pretty steep. I was grateful for a water stop halfway to the top. I just put my head down and counted down the blocks to the top, 5:51/km.

Shortly after 10km I passed the 4 hour pace bunny from the corral ahead, so even without looking at my watch as long as I stayed ahead of the pace group I would be more than golden.

At this point I tried to just keep pushing the pace, and I would reevaluate at the half way mark how I felt. 5:16, 5:08, 5:22, 5:09, 5:10, 5:04, 5:17, 5:20, 5:15, and then I realized I could get a pretty sweet half PR if I picked up the pace so km 20 was 4:40, and 21km was 4:24. As I said before I hit half in 1:47 for an 8 minute PR.

I was still feeling pretty good, and I now had a 13 minute cushion to get sub 4. It was knowing this fact that derailed my race a little bit. I knew there was no way I would run slower than a 2:13 half, I was feeling good. So I was less mentally strong and gave myself permission to take it easier than I think I could have pushed myself.  5:16, 5:32, 6:43, 5:42, 5:48, 5:40, 5:40, 6:18, 5:43.

At 30km you cross the Burrard bridge. I was all smiles coming across that thing I was feeling great, and the long downhill towards the seawall was so great. 5:19, 5:50.

At 32km you head onto the seawall for the last 10km I quickly stopped to text my friends who were also running, and my husband that I had 10km left, and had just passed 2:52. I had over an hour to run 10km. I have not run 10km in over an hour in years so I knew I was good. I was giddy with excitement, but kinda also gave myself permission to take it easier as well. 6:29, 5:37, 5:43, 6:23, 6:41, 5:57, 6:02, 5:41, 5:54.

With 1km left I could not stop smiling, I picked up my pace and pushed it in with everything I had left. 4:02, last 0.4km @ 5:01/km.

For a finish of 3:53:47!

I did it! I finished sub 4 with plenty of room to spare.

This race has given me so much confidence. I know I could have easily run sub 3:50, or even 3:40, if I wanted to that day, I know that my legs had it in them if I wanted them to be up to the challenge. And in the future I can't wait to see what I could do. Regardless of not pushing myself as hard as I could have, I am so so happy with how this race went, and was so glad to feel that race magic feeling.

Funny story, my husband was waiting at the finish line, and knowing I was so close he was choked to see the clock click past 4 hours before he could see me, little did he know I started 8 minuted after the clock, so I knew I got sub 4 and he didn't. He thought I was smiling to try and make myself feel better, not because I had just blew all my expectations for myself out of the water.

Clearly I had an amazing race, and if I could I would run this race every single year, hands down.

I finished blister free and brimming with joy. I can't wait to see what I can accomplish next. I am now only 1 minute away from taking a full hour off of my half marathon time, and I think I would like to see a full hour come off of my marathon time too. I know I can run a 3:24 in the future, and look forward to the training that will get me there!

Also I am so proud of my friends Sarah and Graeme who both completed their very first marathons in Vancouver! So, so proud!