January 26, 2015

Marathon Training: Vancouver Marathon Week 2/16

Two weeks down! The first few weeks of marathon training always seem to pass by so quickly for me. These first couple of weeks are mostly just about getting back into the swing of consistent running. 

January 22, 2015

Free Download: 1 Week Training Log

Grey-Robin: 2 Week Running Log
So if you're like me, and a bit type A, and really like to plan things out. This is what works for me. As I said before I only like to look at a snippet of my plan at a time. For me this is one to two weeks. I can see what is ahead, but not so far that it freaks me right out.

If looking at that 20 mile run in week 12 is giving you the shivers. Then stop looking at it when you're only in week two, and keep it simple.

You can download this simple log that I made here. It is a PDF so you will just need to print it out and you will be all set, just cut it in half to see just one week, or leave it together for two weeks.

Good luck in your training!

Download Here

January 19, 2015

Marathon Training: Vancouver Marathon Week 1/16

Week 1/16 is now officially in the bag. I thought it was going to be pretty difficult getting back into the swing of marathon training but in the end I survived.

The plan

This week my main goal was to be consistent. To get all of my scheduled workouts in, give them my all, and just try to ease back into the marathon training mindset. 

I am the kind of person who likes to check off boxes, and be super organised about my training, so I have a full 16 week schedule laid out for myself. Additionally I have smaller schedules that just show 2 weeks at a time. Why? Because I am also the kind of person that freaks out about hard workouts if I look to far ahead into the future. Two weeks are manageable. The long run looks within my abilities and I feel prepared rather than overwhelmed. 30km or more is going to look really scary when you are in week 1. So my strategy, don't worry about it until I get there, by which time I should be adequately trained, and able to run it.