February 25, 2015

Marathon Training: Vancouver Marathon Week 6/16

You blink and six weeks have passed, and only 10 weeks remain until race day. After this, its single digits for weeks left! Crazy.

This week I did all of my workouts except 1 on the treadmill. That's right ladies & gentlemen, My long run of 26km was done on the treadmill.

February 18, 2015

Marathon Training: Vancouver Marathon Week 5/16

This week I got my butt back on track. I still tried to take it easy and work my way back into routine as I was still feeling a little coughish/congested.


I ran a 3.2km warm-up at the gym, and then did a strength session. Feeling good post-race, calves were a bit tight though. (4:41/km)


Easy 8km run. Calves were feeling very tight, and even walking was a bit of a challenge. Luckily I had karate in the evening, and it really helped to loosen them back up. (6:10/km)


This was suppose to be an 11km Tempo run, but I pushed it to Thursday and ran an easy 8km, in an effort to not tire myself out too much and get sick again. (6:05/km)


Nailed the tempo run :) 2 km warm-up (5:40, 5:22) 8km challenging pace (5:09, 5:04, 5:15, 5:04, 4:58, 5:05, 5:09, 5:10) 1km cool-down (5:52). My watch said low battery from 4km onwards, so I wasn't sure it was going to stay alive the whole run, but I finished with 2% battery to spare. This run definitely upped my confidence.


Easy 8km run. Felt good, kept it slow. 5:46/km.


I was scheduled to do an 8km run, however, The Running Room, was hosting a 5km fun run for Valentines day. There was a winter storm watch, it was -32ºC with the windchill. I did the 5km and called it a day. 5:41/km


Long run success! I was nervous because we had almost a foot of snow fall the day before, but it was perfect. 22.5km of pure joy. Oh and it warmed up to -3ºC just for me. It was a lovely snowy long run. 5:44/km

Week total: 66.2km avg pace: 5:44/km.

Biggest week in training so far, and feeling good about what is to come.

February 13, 2015

2015 Hypothermic Half-Marathon

For the third year in a row I ran the Hypothermic Half-Marathon put on by the running room. As per usual it lived up to its name and it was -30ºC with the windchill that morning. Luckily I have gotten really good at dressing appropriately even for the coldest weather so with my fleece lined leggings, shorts, winbreaking pants, long sleeve top, tanktop, long-sleeve fleece jacket, black wind-breaker, 2 pairs of mitts, and a toque, I was all set.